Helping you out with all your data engineering.

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Propellant is an elite team of 4 data architects and engineers with a combined experience of more than 8 decades in the world of large scale data & software engineering and architecture, located in Gent, Belgium.

Our track record includes the delivery of data heavy solutions that handle exabytes of data and scale to thousands of instances. We have enabled both startups as well as large multinationals to be successful in the Big Data and Data Science world.

We offer solutions around Data Management, Compliance, Migration and general Data Engineering, based on the Propellant Data Management Platform. In addition, we offer consultancy and develop tailor made software to tackle problems that are large in scale, data intensive and/or performance critical.

How can Propellant help you?

Data engineering

Do you face hard Data Engineering & Data Management problems?

Propellant will analyse your data problem and propose a solution that will be sustainable. We will build and integrate this solution and provide hand-over to your internal team(s), if needed. Managing data streams, ETL’s, heterogeneous data storage platforms.

Scalability and performance

Is the scalability and/or performance of your software (components) lacking?

Propellant will analyse your architecture for scalability and performance bottlenecks, investigate and profile your implementation and provide you with actionable suggestions to remove the bottlenecks. We can also rework critical parts or components to match your performance and scalability needs.

High availability

Do you lack the experience to build distributed and highly available (HA) software solutions?

Propellant’s real-life experience with building distributed and highly available systems will make sure that you don’t have to go through the long and expensive process of experiencing all the ways in which an improperly designed system can and will fail.

Building teams

Are you trying to kickstart your internal development teams?

Propellant will bootstrap your development approach with a comprehensive set of best practices and support you with senior architecture and development advice.


Would you like you or your team to get more insights into the data engineering problems you will encounter?

Propellant will come on site for a workshop focussed on avoiding or managing the biggest pitfalls in data engineering. This includes problems you will notice early on but also potential future problems that will become expensive to solve when not tackled early on.

Why Propellant

  • Experts-as-a-Service
  • Team of complementary senior professionals
  • Proven & unique track record
  • Deliveres and supports solutions that handle exabytes of data and scale to thousands of instances.
  • Delivers end-to-end solutions to hard (data) problems
  • Deeply involved in the Big Data community as Hadoop-contributor
  • Deep experience with Lambda and Kappa architectures
  • Production experience with a wide range of technologies, from front-end over cloud platforms to back-end in JVM technologies, C++, modern functional programming languages (Ocaml, Haskell, Lisp, Kotlin, Rust)

What is Propellant NOT?

  • No long term, on-site consultancy
  • Not a single technology stack focused team.
  • Not a generic software factory: we work on problems & projects where our expertise makes the difference

The team

Koen De Keyser

Koen De Keyser

Solution & Software Architect, Engineering Leader

Distributed systems and HA expert

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Kasper Janssens

Kasper Janssens

Backend Architect and Developer

Big Data expert, Data Engineer

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Immanuel Litzroth

Immanuel Litzroth

Software Architect and Developer

Performance and scalability expert

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Jürgen De Commer

Jürgen De Commer

Frontend Architect, Technical Leader

UI and recruitment/outsourcing expert

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